The public bath “Fuku no yu” where you can eat full-fledged kiln-baked pizza in Kamata

The other day, I went to “Kuroyu Onsen Yu ~ City Kamata” in the Kamata public bath, but that day was unfortunately a regular holiday.
If I was walking around the shopping street of Kamata, I found a public bathhouse “Fuku no yu” that is very stylish.
Perhaps it’s fashionable and may not notice public baths.
Moreover, this “Fuku no yu” offers not only fashionable appearance but also real pizza.

The bath is a splendid orthodox bathtub style, but the combination of pizza and public bath is innovative.

It seems that the husband who lived in the United States once reproduced the pizza of that time,
it’s interesting.

I did not eat pizza on this day since I ate lunch, but when I will visit next time I will definitely make it hungry and order.

Natural hot spring “Mikoku-yu” (御谷湯) only 460 yen in downtown Tokyo

I went to the public bath “Mikoku-yu” which I can walk from my wife and Kinshicho station the other day.
To my surprise, this public bath is a natural hot spring.
I was touched that it is only 460 yen and I can visit hot springs in Tokyo.

One of the purpose of this blog is running, but it is so-called Sento running, but unfortunately this “Mikoku-yu” does not do luggage temporary keeping service.
However, it was a wonderful public bath, so I would like to introduce it on my blog regardless of purpose.

The bathtub area is located on the 4th and 5th floors of the building, and the man and woman’s baths seem to be replaced periodically.
On this day, the man bath is on the 5th floor, the bathtub has as many as 8 baths, there is also a half dew bath, and it can also cool with a little outdoor space.
Stylish mural painting with tiled interior is fashionable.

On the first floor there was a large lobby complete with vending machines, I relaxed and bought a canned beer while watching TV and was able to wait for my wife.

The only thing I regrettable with this public bath is the point far from the station,
It took about 20 minutes on foot from Kinshicho station.

Mikoku-yu sign: It may be a bit confusing.
Mikoku-yu sign: It may be a bit confusing.

As long as you are not a fan of a public bath like me, it may be painful to walk so far.

In Sento sold for natural hot springs I am the most loved in Tokyo “Soshiya 21” of Soshigaya-okukra, but this “Mikoku-yu” was also a lovely public bath that will surely repeat.

I found Flag of “Sento runner welcome”.

Yesterday, six people participated in the “Tokyo Sento running group” event and ran Tenoyane and Ueno area together.

Participants are five Japanese from Peatix (peetex), one student from Indonesian from Meetup (meat up).

When we met with the participants at the station and arrived at Nippori Saito-Yu which is the venue, I found a happy discovery!
The Flag of “Sentosan runner warm welcome” is flapping in front of the Sento!

Flag of "Sento runner welcome"
Flag of “Sento runner welcome”

Because “Sento Run” is still less familiar to the public, I have experienced a bit sad experience at a Sento.
For example, They wrote “welcomes runners” to HP with a certain public bath, but in fact I was refused by them.
This HP was not made by this public bath, maybe it was created by the union and it seems that cooperation with the union was not taken.

However, it seems that the fact that such a Flag began circulating in the world is evidence that Sentō runners are beginning to be generally recognized.
I am doing activities to convey the wonder of “Sento running” to the world, so this Flag was very encouraging me.

“Sento running” is not only an individual running, but also a cultural activity leading to the revitalization of the community as runners can explore the city and discover new things.
I would like to continue to focus on the activities of the “Tokyo Sento Running Group” in the future so that we can share the splendor of the Sento running with more runners.