[For beginners] Mt. Takao Trail running ( January 27, 2019 )


This is a trail running session for beginners.

You will feel the pleasure and pleasantness to move your body in nature.

Start Takao Yamaguchi Station, walk up to Mt. Takao and climb.
From Mt.Takao to Icchou-daira, we walk and run and proceed.
Mt.Takao is the highest-ranked three-star tourist destination in the Michelin Guide, so it is a mountain popular all over the world now.
Would you like to move the body with a great mountain that is near from the city center and is easy to go?
As you walk and run slowly, beginners can also participate with peace of mind.
After moving the body, you can sweat with a day-trip hot spring “Gokuraku-yu” opened at Takao Yamaguchi Station, you can return home comfortably!

◆ belongings
Tolan Zac, water more than 1 liter, rain wear, behavior food (rice balls etc), caps, gloves, first aid kit, whistle, easy-going clothes etc.

◆ Terms of participation
Trail running that moves the body in nature may encounter animals that hurt people such as bears, deers, boars, wasps and the like. Also, unexpected accidents such as falls, slides, sudden changes in the weather may occur. In order to carry out safely, please understand the following contents and please participate with consent.
· At the time of participation, we promise to be in a state where there is no mental strain on our own health condition.
· The insurance fee is not included in the participation fee. In participating, I accept that all responsibilities belong to the participants themselves.
· At the time of participation, follow the instructions of the organizer.
· In the case of injury or injury of the participants themselves, the participants themselves are responsible for the injury, and they will not charge the organizer about expenses related to injury or damage, compensation for damages etc.
Participants apply after accepting the above agreement terms

◆ Other
· For those who wish to apply, register new members,
Please click “Join”.
· On that day it will be local set, local dissolution.
· Please pay the participation fee on the day.

◆ Inquiries
TEL / 03-6431-0430
Email /inquire@rh-track.com

Date :

January 27, 2019 (Sun) 09:30~12:30

Venue :

Keio Line Takao Yamaguchi Station Walking ticket


10km Trail Running

Entry fee:

3,000 yen


★☆☆☆☆ : 1


10 km

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Kami-Yoga 1-2-13 Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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