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The 9th Ise Shrine Hatsumoude Ultra Walking ( December 24, 2018 )

Overview :

Let’s have New Year at Ise Shrine!
· Walk lightly (luggage is staffed)
· Establishment of full aid (about every 10 km)
· Helping retirees (traveling by accompanying cars)

Date :

Held from 30th December 2018 (Sunday) to 1st January 2019 (Tuesday / Public Holiday)
The plan will go on, rain or shine.

Application period :

January 19, 2018 – December 12, 2018

Venue :

Nara prefecture Haibara ~ Mie prefecture Ise shrine
(※ 60km is JR Ise-Okitsu station ~ Ise Jingu Mie prefecture)

Location :

Haibara, Nara prefecture

Categories and Entry Fee:

1. 100 km course 15000 yen

2. 60 km course 12000 yen

Meeting point and Time:

[Collection time / place] 10:00 (planned) / Kintetsu Haibara station
[Collection time / place] 11: 10 / JR Ise Okitsu station
10: 15 / Kintetsu Sakakibara Onsen entrance bus I will send it to JR Ise Okitsu station.

Eligibility for entry

1. Those in junior high school students who have no health problems. (Parents and medication recipients should obtain doctor’s consent)
2. Under the age of 20 (as of tournament date), obtain parental consent.
3. A guardian will accompany the entire journey below the junior high school 3rd grade. (When retiring, the principal and the guardian retire at the same time)
Four. Those with disabilities in walking need to accompany their helper. (Please ensure that you are a caregiver)
Five. Be able to abide by convention rules and notes and traffic regulations etc

Organizer information · Inquiries


Osaka Prefecture Osaka-shi Abeno-ku, Nishi-Nabe-cho 2-6-21-325 Actrep Corporation






Official site

Booking and Details :


Sports Entry:

The above official website is written in Japanese.

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    1. Good morning Leslie Coles.
      I am sorry, I misunderstood the contents of your comment.
      I have to study English more.
      Unfortunately I will not attend this event.
      However, I think that this event is hard, so I admire your courage.
      Have a nice trip!
      Also, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask a question.

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