Nishimura fruit parlor with parfait and fruit sand in Shibuya

I went to “Nishimura fruit parlor” at shibuya with my wife the other day.

“Nishimura fruit parlor” is a delicious parfait shop located in front of Dogenzaka in Shibuya.
It is a place that is easy to visit near the station so it seems to be useful for rainy days.

It was Thursday afternoon so I put it in line.
My wife is a strawberry parfait, I ordered a strawberry fruit sandwich.

Strawberry fruit sandwich 900 Yen (excluding tax)
Strawberry fruit sandwich 900 Yen (excluding tax)

I am not eating sweet things so much, but I thought that the clean sweetness sandwiches are easy to eat and eat as a meal.
My wife’s fruit parfait was also delicious.