The 27th Ibusuki Rape flower March ( January 19, 20 in 2019 )

Overview :

The southernmost tip of the Satsuma Peninsula, the city of beautiful nature and hospitality “Ibusuki”.
“The 27th Ivesubuki Rape Flower March” will be held on the southern Satsuma Road where “Rape blossoms” will bloom earliest in Japan.
By walking while being familiar with the nature of Ibusuki for two days, we aim to create a rich heart and healthy (healthy and happy).

The 27th Ivesubuki Rape Flower March – Attraction of the Games –

第27回 いぶすき菜の花マーチ– 大会の魅力 –

Date :

January 26 (Sat), 27 (Sun) in 2019
The plan will go on, rain or shine.

Application period :

October 3, 2018 – December 24, 2018

Venue :

Kagoshima prefecture Ibuki-shi Fureai Plaza Nanohana-kan (Start · Finish)

Location :

Ibuki-shi, Kagoshima prefecture

Categories and Entry fee:

【Two-day walk】
■ Entry Fee
※ The entry fee is the same regardless of the number of participation days. You can participate in only one day.
※ In case of cancellation of participation and cancellation of the event, please note that refund of entry fee is not possible.

<Advance registration> ※ Until December 24 (Monday)
General 2,000 yen High school student or less 1,000 yen
Breakdown breakdown: course map · bib number · convention magazine · convention memorabilia · “sand music” discount ticket · insurance fee etc. included
<Application for the day>
General 2,200 yen for high school students or less 1,100 yen
Breakdown of entry fee: course map · bib number · convention magazine · insurance fee etc. included
※ Please note that convention souvenirs etc. are not attached on the day application.

【Kids Walk】
◆ January 27 (Sun)
3 km course
○ Target … less than elementary school student (accompanied by parents)
○ entry fee · · · less than elementary school student free ※ parents pay an entry fee of 1,000 yen
(Example 1) Participation fee will be 2,000 yen (advance) · 2,200 yen (that day) in the case of the first day participation in the two-day marathon and the second day Kids Walk participation (adult).
(Example 2) Day 2 If only Kids’ walk is participating (adult), the entry fee will be 1,000 yen (advance) · 1,100 yen (the day).

【Special Walk】
◆ January 26 (Sat) Morinaga Entry Confectionary Special Course 3km
◎ Confectionary Exploration Course ※ Not applicable on the day
(Rape Flower House Start … … Hyoutan Pond … Forest of Australia … Rape Flower Pavilion)
[Registration fee] Adult 3,000 yen (Regular participation fee 2,000 yen + Special course fee 1,000 yen) High school student or less 1,200 yen (Regular participation fee 1,000 yen + Special course fee 200 yen) 3 years or under free (However, souvenirs and gifts are included not)

【Welcome reception】
◆ From January 26th (Sat) 16: 00, we will do at Plaza Nanahanakan Central Hall.
Participation fee 1,500 yen ※ Not applicable on the day
Please apply together at the event.
In addition, JML awards ceremonies such as Japan Master Walker and the 9 ML award ceremony will be held. (We will prepare a bus for city lodging after the reception.)


Bid number exchange certificate (only for advance application) · My cup · water bottle · rain gear · hat · towel · health insurance card (photograph) etc etc.
※ There are tea ceremonies at each stage, but we do not prepare cup for motto to value resources that do not emit garbage.
※ Please be sure to bring your own glass.

Access :

【Saturday, January 26】
[Go] 5: 30-10: 30 To the venue according to the reception hours
Each hotel surroundings → (free bus) → venue
JR Ibusuki station west exit → (toll bus) → venue

[Returning] 13: 00 ~ 17: 00
Venue → (free bus) → around each hotel
Venue → (toll bus) → JR Ibusuki station west entrance

【Sunday, January 27】
[Go] 5: 30-10: 30 To the venue according to the reception hours
Each hotel surroundings → (free bus) → venue
JR Ibusuki station west exit → (toll bus) → venue

[Return] 12: 00-16: 00
Venue → (toll bus) → JR Ibusuki station west entrance

※ For details please contact the executive committee TEL 0993-22-3253

Organizer information · Inquiries


Kagoshima prefecture Ibusuki City Minato 2-5-33 Public benefit corporation Inside the Ibusuki sightseeing association

Ibusuki Nanohana March Executive Committee







Official site


Booking and Details :

Sports Entry: https://www.sportsentry.ne.jp/event/t/76754

The above official website is written in Japanese.

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