[For housewives] Half marathon finish practice session @ the Imperial Palace ( March 19, 2019 )


We would like to start running session for housewives who do not have time in housework or child rearing.
It will take three months to progress thoroughly.
The final goal is to lecture so that you can complete a half marathon.
We do not care about running history. Beginners are welcome.
Contents will be lectured from the basics of running, such as stretching, muscle training, form practice.
The beginning of running is injured.
Let’s learn from the foundation of running for the first time in order to continue running without reason, without injury.

◆ Practice schedule
· January 8 (Tue) Muscle training + form practice + 3 km jogging
· January 15 (Tue) Muscle training + form practice + 5 km jogging
· January 22 (Tuesday) Snack Snack
· January 29 (Tue) Muscle training + form practice + 8 km jogging
· February 5 (Tue) 10 km pace running
· February 12 (Tue) Street RUN @ Tourist Attractions
· February 19 (Tue) 10 km pace up run
· February 26 (Tue) Akasaka Gosho Up-Down Run
· March 5 (Tue) Street RUN @ Tourist Attractions
· March 12 (Tue) 15 km pace run
· March 19 (Tue) 20 km pace run
· March 26 (Tue) Ohanami RUN
* Single participation is also possible
※ The 12th application is 12,000 yen

◆ Terms of participation
· At the time of participation, we promise to be in a state where there is no mental strain on our own health condition.
· The insurance fee is not included in the participation fee. In participating, I accept that all responsibilities belong to the participants themselves.
· At the time of participation, follow the instructions of the organizer.
· In the case of injury or injury of the participants themselves, the participants themselves are responsible for the injury, and they will not charge the organizer about expenses related to injury or damage, compensation for damages etc.
· We do not accept refunds due to cancellation, such as change of date and time due to cancellation, refund of participation fee, assignment to another person, weather failure etc.
Participants apply after accepting the above agreement terms

◆ Other
· For those who wish to apply, register new members,
Please click “Join”.
· On that day it will be local set, local dissolution.
· Please pay the participation fee on the day.
· The assembly, RunPit at the venue is a facility complete with locker and shower. A separate usage fee of 900 yen is required for use. (Use is optional)

◆ Inquiries
TEL / 03-6431-0430
Email /

Date :

March 19, 2019 (Tue) 10:00~12:00

Venue :

Run Pit Directly connected to Takebashi Station Palace side building 1st floor

Web site:



Entry fee:

Once / 3,000 yen
12 times / 12,000 yen


★☆☆☆☆ : 1


20 km

Organizer information · Inquiries


Kami-Yoga 1-2-13 Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

TRACK TOKYO running club






Booking site :

Official site:

The above official website is written in Japanese. 

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