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Sarugaku Trainingu Gym | Time unlimited at 400 yen Fashionable gym


A spacious and clean training room
A spacious and clean training room

This gym is located between Shibuya and Daikanyama, with no time limit at 400 yen.
However, this facility can only be used by people living or working in Shibuya-ku.
In this regard you do not need to show the certificate in particular, but because the paper is on the reception, you will have a Put a check mark on it either “Living in Shibuya-ku” or “Working in Shibuya-ku”.
It may be hard to find because it is located in a residential area a bit far from the station, but there are plenty of machines and there are plenty of space, space is clean, so it is recommended.


1-18-21 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-3461-3447


5 minutes on foot from Daikanyama Station
Exit the north entrance of Daikanyama station, cross the pedestrian bridge and turn left at the square in “Daikanyama address”
→ cross Yawata street (big street) and go to the opposite side
→ Pass through the side of Rafente (commercial building), to the back side of the building
→ In front, you will see Sarugaku Training Gym entrance
※ Although it is a basement facility of the gymnasium of the Sarugaku elementary school, there is a dedicated entrance to the entrance

15 minutes on foot from Shibuya station
Go out to the left of Shibuya station west entrance, cross the pedestrian bridge straight and get off (get out before the book store)
⇒ Pass through the Excelsior Cafe
⇒ Turn right at the corner of Kirin City and go up the slope
⇒ go straight ahead
⇒ Go straight ahead at the signal “Sakuragaoka Post Office”
⇒ Go straight through the traffic light “Sarugaku Town” and turn right at the next corner
⇒ After passing through the back gate of Sarugaku Elementary School, you will see the entrance to the Sarugaku Training Gym on your right


9: 00 – 21: 00
※ Last admission 20 o’clock
※ No usage time limit

Closed Day

Every Monday
※ If Monday falls on a holiday it will be a business day, next weekday will be a closed day

How to Use

A ticket vending machine
A ticket vending machine

You enter from the entrance, go down the stairs and go to the basement.
You buy a ticket for 400 yen because you have a ticket vending machine.
Please give a ticket to the receptionists and put a check mark on either the “living in Shibuya Ward” or “in Shibuya Ward” on the paper on the desk.
If this is your first visit please tell the receptionist.
After you change your clothes in the locker room, you can receive short explanation.


6 running machines
4 steak climbers
Aero bike 1 unit
5 recumbent bikes


Dips Chinning table 1
Leg press
Leg Extension
Seated leg curl
Back extension
Crunch Abdominal
Rotary Toso
Chest Press
Total hip
Rat pull down
Seated Law
Shoulder Press
Peck fly
Crow Platform 1

It was like touching the basic machine as a whole.

Free Weight

Five weight platforms 5 units
Dumbbell 1-20 kg

There are quite a few free weight tables, but the dumbbells are not fulfilling.


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