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Taitou Riverside Sports Center | Only 250 yen for 3 hours, Gym without member registration

About Taitou Riverside Sports Center

Training room
Training room

It is a cheap gym near Sensouji temple in Asakusa.
You do not need to register as a member, anyone can use it at 250 yen.
It is a bit far from the station but you will find it easier to find because it is the Sumidagawa riverside. I think that it is also a good point to be able to use for 3 hours at a time. This gym is the best cost performance gym I know.


Imado 1-1-10, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo
TEL 03-3872-3181


・ 12 minutes on foot to Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa Station (Exit 5)
・ 12 minutes on foot from Asakusa station on Asakusa line (A5 exit) by Toei Subway
・ 12 minutes on foot from Tobu Sky Tree Line Get off at Asakusa Station (North exit)


9: 00 ~ 22: 00 (until 18:00 on Monday of opening)
※ The final entry will be at 21:00.
※ The exit time of the training room is 21:50.

Closed Day

Every Monday (except Mondays on the first Monday and holidays) will be closed.
On the first Monday, Monday on holiday is open until 18:00, but only free training.

How to Use

You need indoor shoes to use the gym.
① Please buy a ticket of 250 yen at the ticket vending machine near the entrance.
② You change clothing room in basement first floor, please change shoes for indoor use at this time.
③ Pass the ticket at the training room on the first floor and write your name and entrance time on the paper on the desk.
④ After training is finished, write the exit time on the paper.


6 running machines
4 steak climbers
Aero bike 1 unit
5 recumbent bikes


For machines, the number is small.

Although the number is small, it is the impression that the basic is kept properly.

There is a cable pulley.

There is quite a gym without this machine.

Cable pulleys are characterized by easy stretching, but this is more versatile than that. (Chest, back, legs, shoulders, arms), I think that it is better to set up two cable pulleys and a set with a bench rather than placing various other machines in various ways.

Real machine, cable pulley & bench can substitute most machines. I have seen various overseas hotel gyms, but hotel gym is narrow anyway. It is a cable pulley & bench to see it as a countermeasure. Really this set is all-purpose.

I will introduce the machine lineup easily,

Leg press
Leg curl
Leg Extension
Chest Press
Peck Deck
Cable rat bull down
Shoulder Press
Abduction, adduction (standing)
Smith machine

Free Weight

Free Weight
I will introduce it briefly, as for the free weight area, it is like this

Barbell 5 kg ~ 45 kg
3 bench presses # 30 minutes changeover system
Max dumbbell weight about 32 kg
Adjustable bench 2 units # fixed to Smith machine
2 flat benches
It is quite rare to have 3 bench presses, but I think the barbell lineup is quite difficult to see in public facilities.

There are two adjustable benches, but the Smith machine is fixed. When a Smith machine user is not using it (in the case of a squat menu), you can call it to the user and use it.


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