Takamizu Three Peeks Trail Running in Okutama, Tokyo

This is popular course of Okutama which walking in three peaks.
With about 4 hours of walking, It is a luxurious course that you can taste three mountain peaks, “Mt. Takizumi”, “Mt. Iwatakeishi” and “Mt. Sougaku”.

Easy access with public transportation is also GOOD!

It takes  about 1 hours and a half by train from Shinjuku to Okutamashinjuku station


Western Tokyo(Ome city)
Trail Running
Total runnig time (not including breaks):
runner:2 hours and 30 minutes
About 9.4km
Maximum elevation difference:
Forward:JR Ome Line「軍畑駅 Ikusabata station」
Return:JR Ome Line「御嶽駅 Mitake station」

JR 軍畑 Ikusabata station~高源寺 Kougenji Temple(about 30 minutes)

軍畑 Ikusabata Station to 高源寺 Kougenji Temple we walk on a general road where gentle climbing continues. The Hiramizo River flows on the right side of the road, making you feel cool. There is a toilet for 1 person in the Kougen temple.

Start from JR IkusabataJR Ikusabata station

Take the road sign in front of the station toward “Mt. Takamizu 高水山”.in front of Ikusabata station

You will cross a Railroad crossing.
Railway crossing of the Ome Line

Go down the slope and turn left.
Follow the road to the left

Let’s go straight ahead along the Hirakiga River.
Hirakiga River

When the sign of “Mt. Takizumi” appears, proceed to the left.
signpost toward "Mt. Takizumi 高水山"

Let’s proceed straight.

Kougenji Temple is going to the right on the parting road of the photo.

Arrive at Kougen temple
Kougenji temple

Kougenji Temple~Mt. Takamizu 高水山(about 60 minutes)

The altitude difference of Mt.Takamizu from the Kougenji temple is about 400 meters. Probably the first 30 minutes rise is a bit tough. Top of the Mt.Takamizu is surrounded by trees and the view is not good, but a benches and toilets are installed.

You will further climb the slope.
Wisteria flowers

This is the entrance of trail.
Mountain entrance

Finally to the mountain path.
mountain path

Let’s advance the cedar forest.
cedar forest

Be careful of the protruding root!the cedar tree root

Proceed to “Joufukuin Mt.Takamiz 常福院 高水山” direction.
「Joufukuin Mt.Takamiz 常福院 高水山」 direction

Arrive at 常福院 Joufukuin.
常福院 Joufukuin tenple

joufukuin main holl
Guardian dog
The guardian dog that sits on the left and right in front of 不動堂 Fudo-Do is a stone statue of Japanese dogs.
Even if you see it from the side or from the side it is a Japanese dog, the tail is wrapped like a Japanese dog, but the expression of the fangs and tortoise is like a wolf.
Although it is a Japanese dog, I feel that I am arranging for a wolf style somehow.
This is probably because the land is near the dog’s faith Musashi (Okutama, Chichibu), so that the characteristics of the wolves were added to the Japanese dog.


There is a toilets aside.Plaza

If you climb up a little, it is the top of Mt.takamizu.
the top of Mt.takamizu

Mt. Takamizu 高水山~Mt. Iwatakeishi 岩茸石山(About 35 minutes)

The mountain top of Mt.Iwatakeishi is the most prospective place in this course, You can see the mountains of Oku Musashi. Let’s have a good break at the summit of Mt.Iwakushiis.

A little downward continues from the top of the mountain.A little downward

Proceed to “Mt.Iwatkeishi 岩茸石山” direction.
The signpost "Mt.Iwatkeishi 岩茸石山"

A flat ridge walk continues
A flat ridge walk continues

Observation from the gaps in the treesObservation from the gaps in the trees

One step to the summit of the mountainOne step to the summit of the mountain

It is the summit of the highest “Mt.Iwatakeishi” among the three mountains
the summit of "Mt.Iwatakeishi"

Mt. Iwatakeishi 岩茸石山~Mt.Sougaku 惣岳山(about 40 minutes)

The way from Mt. Iwatakeishi to Mt. Sougaku is very rich with climbing rocks and steep climbs on the way.There are no toilets at both the mountaintops of both Mt.Iwatakeishi and Mt.Sougaku.

You will go down the steep slopethe steep slope

Move the signpost towards Mt.Sougaku 惣岳山
signpost"Mt.Sougaku 惣岳山""

There is also a little rock climbing
a little rock climbing

Let’s walk while paying attention to the root of the tree
the root of the tree

Arrive at Mt.Sougaku
Top of Mt.Sougaku Top of Mt.Sougaku2

Mt. Sougaku 惣岳山~JR Mitae station(about 60 minutes)

Let’s get down to the downhill for about an hour with sufficient care, as the root of the tree overhangs and there are plenty of steep slopes.

I will go down the climbing road where the root of the tree is exposedgo down the climbing road

Turn the signpost toward “Mitake station 御岳駅”
signpost "Mitake station 御岳駅"

A little shrine

The mountain path is already over in the endbamboo trail

You go to Temple of JionjiJionji Temple

“Tamagawaya” near Otaki station is a popular soba restaurant.
Soba shop "Tamagawaya" Goodwill of Tamagawaya Interior of Tamagawaya

It’s a popular menu “Ten Zarumori”Ten Zarumori

Beer is also good, but recommendation is local sake “Sawanoi”local sake "Sawanoi"

Strange daruma dolls are also uniqueStrange daruma dolls Strange daruma dolls2

At the end, break the soup with sobathe soup with soba entrance of Tamagawaya

When you come to the main street there is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Information Office.the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Information Office.

There is shower rental in this facility.shower rentalThere are cafes, used outdoor goods stores, convenience stores, etc. along the street.used outdoor goods stores, convenience stores, etc. along the street.

Arrived at JR Mitake Station.

JR Mitake Station. Station home

Do you need a guide?

If you are looking for guide of this trail, please refer to the following.

Private Trail Running Tour of JPY3000 | Takamizu Three Peaks in Okutama Area

Private Hiking Tour of JPY3000 | Takamizu Three Peaks in Okutama Area

If you are looking for a day trip hiking trail in the suburbs of Tokyo, and if you like a beautiful course that includes Japanese shrines and temples, I definitely recommend this hiking course.

Takamizu 3 Peaks Hiking Trail

常福院 Joufukuin tenple

Takamizu Hiking Course is a hiking course located in the Okutama area of Tokyo, and it can be reached by train from Shinjuku in approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.
In this course you will enjoy three peaks of Mt. Takizumi, Iwatakeishi Mountain and Sougaku Mountain, enjoying the four historic shrine temples, beautiful panoramic landscapes and the country’s scenic rural landscape.

A little shrine

After hiking, there are spots where you can taste soba with historical historical farm houses in the vicinity of Mitake station, or enjoy tasting of fresh sake in sake brewing of sake.
In addition, the Ontake gorge flowing in front of the station is the most beautiful in the Chichibu Okutama area, and it is ideal for a walk because the promenade is being maintained for 4 kilometers.

Soba shop "Tamagawaya"

Tour details

Price : 3000 yen per person

Distance : 10 km

Private Tour (Your family and friends are OK.)

Difficulty : ★★★☆☆ slightly hard

Language : English, Japanese

Meeting place : Hotel pick-up or Ikusabata Station (depends on your preference)

Meeting time : We will start Ikusabata Station at 9:00 am.


Please read and give me consent before booking for this tour.

Hiking is an inherently dangerous activity that can lead to serious injuries including but not limited to slip and fall injuries, fractures, snake bite, heat exhaustion, poison oak, ticks and frostbite. By participation in this event/hike you agree to not hold these organizers liable for any harm that may come to you, your guests, or your property. Always remember to let the event organizer know if you are leaving the group. Stay on the trail, never hike alone and use your own common sense.

Booking Now

The 21st Ome Takamizu Trail Run ( April 7, 2019 (Sun) )

Dscription :

Trail running season dawn of 2019

■ The state of the 20th convention
YouTube: https://youtu.be/QtG96dK0qAM

■ It is scheduled to be held simultaneously with TRAIL OPEN AIR DEMO where various brands of outdoor goods gather.

Please see the following URL for the situation of last year’s Tolan Festival.
YouTube: https://youtu.be/02JVOiqS7lM

Date :

Sunday, April 7, 2019 (Sun)

Application period :

November 12, 2018 – February 10, 2019

Eligibility for entry

· Over 16 years old
· A person who can observe the “handling guideline of the Tolan Tournament in the National Park” of the Ministry of the Environment.
· Person who can keep “Tokyo National Park use rule”
· Bring your health insurance card
· Cancellation of entry fee will be refunded in full amount (however, shipping fee deducted) before the recruitment deadline. Since refunds after that are mostly incurred, it is impossible. Those who agree with this.
· Those who agree to exempt all responsibility for organizers and association officials when they encounter injuries or deaths or other accidents during the event.
· People agreeing to freely use names and photographs, such as mass media reports related to the convention.
· Those agreeing that participation fee will not be refunded if the event competition is canceled due to weather conditions, natural disasters and other reasons.

Details of this Course

■ 30 km course map
■ 15 km course map

Venue :

Tokyo Metropolitan Ome Shi Nagayama Park Comprehensive Grand

Location :

Nagayama Park, Ome city, Tokyo


1)  30 km

2)  15 km

Entry fees :

1) 6000 yen
2) 5000 yen

Schedule of the Day :

【Opening Ceremony】 9: 00 ~ 9: 30 (opening ceremony & aerobics)

Organizer information · Inquiries


Tokyo Metropolitan Ome Shiro Shipyard 7-1-103

KFC Triathlon Club Secretariat







Official site


Booking Site :

RUNNET: https://runnet.jp/entry/runtes/user/pc/competitionDetailAction.do?raceId=213313&div=1

Sports entry: https://www.sportsentry.ne.jp/event/t/77078

The above official website is written in Japanese.