I went to “Nike presents: Shinjuku Gyoen AFTER DARK” (2018.10.13)

I went to “Nike presents: Shinjuku Gyoen AFTER DARK”.
As many participants wrote online, operation was somewhat confused, but I think that the idea of enjoying running and music in the park at night is wonderful.
All organizers should improve only the aspect of management by all means, but I would like all Nike teams to try again next year, I definitely want to go.
I appreciate this wonderful idea.

One night’s special experience offered by Nike. “Shinjuku Gyoen AFTER DARK” is held on October 13.

Shinjuku Gyoen is a huge forest park located in the center of the city center. In the space which can also be called the oasis in the city center, usually entering at night is forbidden, but it seems that a running event sponsored by Nike of the shoe maker is held only overnight.
This event will be held on Saturday 13th October and is an admission free event named “Nike presents: Shinjuku Gyoen AFTER DARK”.

However, it seems to be very popular and already when I tried to reserve it was “waiting for cancellation”.
If cancellation comes out, it seems to be announced at 17:00 on that day.
Everyone, if you are interested, we recommend you to make advance booking.

Detailed information

Schedule: October 13 (Saturday)
Time: 18: 00-21: 00 (last reception 20: 00)
Place / entrance: Shinjuku Gyoen / Otido gate (Naito-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
way to participate:
(How to register) Pre-registration or the day registration (depending on the availability depending on the session). Choose up to three sessions you want to join.
Registration URL: https: //www.nike.com/shinjukugyoen
Participation Fee: Free
Age restriction: 16 years old and over. An underage person needs a written consent from parents.
Application deadline: Advance registration deadline October 12 (Fri) 23: 59
* It is possible to participate if you register on the day also on the day.
(Except for GROUP RUN where exclusive pacers run the same).
Notes on rainy weather: In rainy weather, running sessions are held. Training and yoga sessions are canceled.
Organized by: Shinjuku Gyoen · OPEN PARK Project Executive Committee (Culture · Vision Japan / Rhizomaticics)
Sponsorship: Nike Japan
Cooperation: Shinjuku Gyoen Management Office

NIKE Customer Service
TEL: 0120.6453.77

Sakaeyu | Enjoy the night view of Shinjuku with Sento-Run in Shibuya Ward

About Sakaeyu

Sakaeyu is a public bath located in Sasazuka near Shinjuku and very kind to runners.
This public bath will be the best for running the night view of Shinjuku.
The view from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office and Shinjuku Central Park is near futuristic, like a science fiction movie.
Both the bath and the dressing room are wide and clean, and there is a open-air bath in Sakaeyu.
If you want to run around Shinjuku, I definitely recommend this place.

Store Information

Address : 2-9-5 Sasazuka Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3377-3369
website: http://sasazukasakaeyu.com/shisetsu.html
Access : Keiou line Sasazuka station Exit North Exit (Koshu Kaido, 10 No. Street towards shopping district) 4 minutes on foot.
Closed: Every Wednesday, Thursday Thursday
※ There are summer holidays and New Year holidays.
Business hours :
3:00 pm – 1: 30 midnight (1: 00 reception closed)
1st and 3 th Sunday afternoon 1:00 pm to late night 12 o’clock
※ First Sunday of January is excluded
Sunday 2, 4, 5 Sunday from 3 pm to 12 midnight
(11: 30 reception closed)
Usage fee : 460 yen (Bathing fee included)

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office

Running Course

From this public bath to Shinjuku you will arrive by going straight on the Koshu Highway, but you can also go straight through Hunan Road and enter from Kumano Shrine to access Shinjuku Central Park.
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office looking up from beneath is very photogenic.
Be careful as the running time limit is two hours.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office

How to Reception

When using this facility as a running, please use the following procedure.

① Put shoes in the shoebox and pull out the key.
② Enter and pay 460 yen to Receptionist.
③ You will tell Receptionist in Japanese as follows.
“Running De Riyou Shitai Desu”, which meams “I would like to use it for running.
④ Please change to running wear at the dressing room first.
⑤ Please put the luggage in the dressing room locker.
⑥ Please give the locker’s key to the Receptionist.
⑦ Running
⑧ When you return from running, receive the locker key.
⑨ Please take a bath and relax

Please refer to here for how to visit the sento.