Private Hiking Guide to Sengen Ridge | Beautiful Long Down Hill in Okutama

This hiking course is a secret long trail that you can experience a moderate downhill that continues in Tokyo in Japan.
The hiking Course in the west mountain area of Tokyo is named “Sengen-ridge”, you can arrive by train and bus in about two hours.
You may feel a little far, but as you get off the bus it is a world of altitude 1000 meters. Then only you can down hill like crazy with enjoying beautiful nature and lovely flowers and magnificent mountains.
If you are a hiker, and if you plan to come to Tokyo, I’d definitely want to introduce you to the course.

Go through the pleasant forest of a single track with few ups and downs.

Tour details

Price : 3500 yen per person

Distance : 15.7 km

Private Tour (Your family and friends are OK.)

Difficulty : ★☆☆☆☆

Language : English, Japanese

Meeting point : Shinjuku Station or Musashi-itsukaichi station (武蔵五日市駅)  on the JR Itsukaichi Line.
The exact meeting point will be set by your guide after booking confirmation, but I respond flexibly according to your area of accommodation. Transportation to the start point is not included in the tour price.

Meeting time : It is necessary to arrive at Musashi-itsukaichi station at least at 8:45 am because of the departure time of the bus.

What you can experience at this Course :

"Tomin-no-mori" is the entrance of a trail to Mt. Mitou popular with hikers. Hiking routes are stretched all around in this area, but let's proceed to "Kaze-hari-touge 風張峠" in this area.

・Hosawa Waterfall
・Wildflowers (spring to autumn)
・Mountain Views
・Soba Restaurant in Mountain village (spring to autumn)
・Tofu Donuts Shop
・Hot Spring (optional)

There is a soba restaurant in this course and you can enjoy local food in traditional Japanese traditional houses. The final destination, Hosawa Waterfall, is a beautiful waterfall with a height of 62 meters, and it is the only one in Tokyo that has been chosen as “100 Japanese Waterfalls.”
There is a popular donut shop in front of the bus stop on the way back, and Tofu Donuts using soy pulp as a material is delicious.

For more information on this hiking course, click here.


Please read and give me consent before booking for this tour.

Hiking is an inherently dangerous activity that can lead to serious injuries including but not limited to slip and fall injuries, fractures, snake bite, heat exhaustion, poison oak, ticks and frostbite. By participation in this event you agree to not hold these organizers liable for any harm that may come to you, your guests, or your property. Always remember to let the event organizer know if you are leaving the group. Stay on the trail, never walk alone and use your own common sense.

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