Hike to Sengen-one-ridge’s long down hill in Okutama, Tokyo

Course Date

Difficulty: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Start spot: Tomin-no-Mori Bus Stop 都民の森
Goul spot: Hossawa no taki iriguchi bus stop 払沢の滝入り口バス停
Total distance: 15.7 km
Total difference in elevation: 963 m

Hiking Course overview

Go through the pleasant forest of a single track with few ups and downs.
Go through the pleasant forest of a single track with few ups and downs.

1). Hinohara-Tomin-no-Mori Bus Stop 檜原 都民の森

2). Sengen-One Ridge Parking 浅間尾根駐車場

3). Sengen-One Ridge 浅間尾根

4). Sengen-One Ridge Resting Place 浅間尾根休憩場

5). Hossawa no taki iriguchi bus stop 払沢の滝入り口バス停

Map of “Sengen-One” Hiking Course

sengen one hiking course map
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"Tomin-no-mori" is the trailhead of Mt. Mitou popular with hikers. Hiking routes are stretched all around in this area, but let's proceed to "Kaze-hari-touge 風張峠" in this area.
“Tomin-no-mori” is the trailhead of Mt. Mitou popular with hikers. Hiking routes are stretched all around in this area, but let’s proceed to “Kaze-hari-touge 風張峠” in this area.

JR Musashi-Itsukaichi Line End · From Musashi-Itsukaichi Station, take the West Tokyo bus to “Tomin-no-Mori Bus Stop 都民の森 バス停” for about 1 hour and 10 minutes.
On the way back, “the Hossawa no taki iriguchi bus stop払沢の滝入口 バス停” is used.
Or if you move to “Moto-shuku-yakubamae bus stop 本宿役場前 バス停”, the number of buses is large.
There is a free parking lot in “the Hossawa no taki iriguchi 払沢の滝入口”.


There is no public drinking fountain to the end of the course.
However, since there is a shop, vending machine, and toilet in the starting point “Tomin – no – Mori”, you can prepare here for running.
There is a lot of escape route to paved road called Hinohara – Kaidou in the way of Sengen – One, so beginners are safe course.

Features of “Sengen-One” course

The origin of the name of the ridge, "Sengen-One Ridge" is the highlight of the course.
The origin of the name of the ridge, “Sengen-One Ridge” is the highlight of the course.

This course is known to special people, you can down hill like crazy.
If you are thinking that “climing is the best part of hiking”, “You have ups and downs in life”, for such a hikers, this course can not be recommended. (I’m sorry)
Because the bus carries you to a high place, the course is generally in descending and on the way it is a runable trail with a flat part of about 5 km.
Therefore this course will be the best course for your hiking debut in Tokyo.

First of all,
Depending on the signpost in “Tomin-no-mori” you will go to “Saiguchi-Touge 鞘口峠”
It’s just a fine climb up to your warm-up.
Let’s proceed from “Saiguchi-Touge 鞘口峠” to “Kaze-hari-Touge 風張峠”.
As you go about 1.5 km, if the signpost of “Sengen-One 浅間尾根” appears, proceed to “Sengen-One 浅間尾根” direction.
Let’s move carefully since there are parts where the trail around here is collapsing.

Once you leave the paved road and enter the dart road again, the downhill of “Sengen-One Asama Ridge” will begin.
Because this course is easy to walk anyway, it is a satisfying course for those who want to run alone, those who want to enjoy at their own pace, both types of people.

Furthermore, since there are many escape routes and signs are substantial, I really recommend it for debuting hiking in Tokyo.

It is certainly inconvenient that the bus is indispensable to the starting point of the hiking course, but thanks to that, the course has few people crowded.
Moreover, it is mostly gentle downhill, mostly single track, you can monopolize luxurious course.
Perhaps you will face your face with your colleagues and say “Feel so good!”

After hiking…

Hinohara-Tofu Chitose-ya

Tofu store in front of “Hossawa no taki iriguchi bus stop”.
Tofu using Hinohara’s source water and Hokkaido soybean is a rich flavor.
We also recommend popular menu fried donuts and soy milk, both of which are 100 yen.

Do you need a guide for this hiking course?

If you are looking for guide of this hiking course, please refer to the following.

Private Hiking Guide to Sengen Ridge | Beautiful Long Down Hill in Okutama

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