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Hiking for Mt. Kawanori via Hyakuhiro Waterfall (2018.08.05)

hyakuhiro waterfall


Take the bus from Ome Line Okutama Station.
Take one of the West Tokyo buses “東日原 | Higashi-Nippara” or “鍾乳洞 | Shounyu-dou” and get off at “川乗橋 | Kawanori-bashi”.

Click here for the bus timetable


It was a very hot days in Tokyo, so this time we have been to a hike of Mt. Kawanori walking along the cool a valley.
Mt.Kawanori is located in Okutama, Tokyo and is a mountain at the border with Saitama Prefecture.
The hiking course starting from Kawanori Bridge is Mt. Kawanori’s most popular climbing course.
This course is recommended on a hot summer as it walks along a valley and passes through Hyakuhiro Waterfall , which is about 40 m in height.
The waterfall is very cool and you can forget the hot summer for a while.
Under the waterfall is very instagrammable because it is very powerful.

Group photo at Hyakuyaku waterfall

This climbing course is hard as the altitude difference is more than 1000 m.
Because it is a popular mountain, the mountain trail is maintained to some extent,
Even if you are a beginner of mountain climbing it is easy to challenge if you accompany the experienced.
The altitude is 1363 m and the running time is about 5 and a half hours are scheduled.
Even though it is along a valley, It was hard because it was a hot summer exceeding 30 degrees this day.
Also, it is easy to slide around Hyakuhiro waterfall, so it is necessary to be careful as it is a course where a slide accident happens in the past.
Let’s challenge with a non-slippery shoes and adequate moisture, Carry a good behavioral diet.

valley of mt. kawanori


• Non-slippery athletic shoes (climbing shoes if possible)

• Sufficient water (1.5 liters was not enough on this day)

• Behavioral diet (sandwich, rice ball etc …)

• Sunscreen (if you use them)

• Trekking Poles (if you use them)

• Change clothes (if entering a hot spring after hiking)

Hiking course of Mt. kawanori


Okutama Station(8:25)→Bus departure time(8:35)→Arrival of Kawanori Bridge(08:50)→Hosokura Bridge(9:50)→Hyaku-hiro Waterfall(10:40)→Mt.Kawanori(12:40)→Funaido(13:30)→Ooneno-yamano-kami(15:00)→Hatonosu station(15:30)

Map of the hiking course

Map of the Mt. Kawanori hiking course
↑Click the image to open a map expanded with new tab↑


We have dissolved at “Hatonosu station”.
Me and the other person got off at the second JR Kabe station from Ome Station towards Shinjuku, and went to the hot spring “Umeno-yu”.
The bathing charge of “Umeno-yu” was 860 yen.

If you are looking for tour guide of this hiking course please refer to the following.

Mt.Kawanori Private Hiking Tour in Okutama

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