( April 13 event ) Hosawa Waterfall and Sengen Rige where Katakuris Bloom


This event is a hiking for “Hosawa Waterfall” selected as “100 waterfalls in Japan” and “Asama Ridge” where you can enjoy walking ridges for novice hikers with little up / down.

Asama ridge is the season when Katakuri (dogtooth violets) blooms just this season.
Also, because it is cherry blossom season, you may be able to watch them at the same time if you are lucky.

In addition, the Asama Ridge is an important road from old times, called Koshu way, which connects both countries of Bushu and Koshu, in the Edo period was a road for an important life for charcoal transport.

Let’s relax and enjoy hiking while thinking of old time people in spring fresh green trail.

Difficulty of this hiking:

Physical strength: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
hiking Difficulty: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Travel distance: 11.5 km
Walking time: 5 hours
Height difference: 640 m

Meeting place and time:

The meeting place is Musashi-itsukaichi Station on JR Itsukaichi Line, meeting time is 8: 34 am.

From Musashi-itsukaichi Station, we take a bus to “Honjuku-yakubamae”.

The departure time of the bus is 9: 00 am.
The return bus is scheduled for 14: 55 pm.
※ The schedule may change, please be forewarned.

Route advice:

The area around the waterfall is slippery, you can enjoy safer hiking if you bring steigeisen.


• Non-slippery shoes for hiking

• water

• Warm clothes and gloves and hat


Musashi-itsukaichi station 08: 34 → bus departure time 09: 00 → Honjuku-yakubamae Bus Stop 09: 20 → Hosawa Waterfall bus stop 9: 30 → Hosawa Waterfall parking lot 10: 00 → Tosaka Pass 10: 30 → Asama Ridge observation deck 11 : 30 → lunch time → 12: 00 → Henbori Pass 12: 30 → guest‐house Asamazaka 14: 00 → Asamaone Trailhead Bus Stop 14: 45
※ The departure time of the return bus is scheduled for 14:55 PM.
※ We can wait at the Guest House Asama slope until the departure time of the return bus.
※ The schedule may change, please be forewarned.

Waiver of Liability/Disclaimer: Please read before signing up for this event.

These organizers are not professional hikers or trained leaders and are not medically trained to handle emergencies. Hiking is an inherently dangerous activity that can lead to serious injuries including but not limited fall injuries, poison oak. By participation in this event/hike you agree to not hold these organizers liable for any harm that may come to you, or your property. Always remember to let the event organizer know if you are leaving the group. Stay on the trail, never hike alone and use your own common sense.

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